A love letter to myself on the 1st of June

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“I would like very much to think of you as that boy that I cared for so deeply and who still has a place in my heart. But I have to remind myself that although I have forgiven you, I must not forgot what you did to me, what you are capable of. It is because I need to stay true to my animal nature – to the part that protects the species above all else – that I need to remind myself that you hurt me. You took my delicate, loving heart and you broke it and left it for dead in the wilderness of despair. You gutted me. Stripped me of my pride, my dignity. All because you couldn’t cope, because you were weak. And so as much as I would love to remember the beautiful, whimsical poetry our hearts spoke to each other in the intoxicating light of summer love, it must not distract me from the ever-important task of self-protection that my soul has to endure during this period of hibernation. Hello Winter. “

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