A recap of #lovetober for Gratitude Wednesday










Being away from home is sometimes very hard. It’s easy to miss the people, pets and places you’ve left behind. But today, for #lovetober, I’m turning homesickness into gratitude.

1. Instead of missing my home, Cape Town, with it’s magnificent mountain and spectacular natural beauty – I am choosing to be thankful for the sheer privilege of calling this beautiful place ‘home’.

2. Instead of missing my gorgeous girl friends who dance with me, cry with me, and always make every day feel like a celebration – I am going to thank the heavens that I have been so lucky as to find such beautiful souls to rub up against. I am grateful for every one of you (too many to list here) and know that when our paths cross again there will be fireworks and champagne!

3. Instead of missing my mommy, who is every bit the archetypal mother – the carer, the nurturer, the sage. I choose to feel immense gratitude for her role in my life, which remains pivotal no matter how far away we are from each other.

4. Instead of missing my beautiful puppy dog caramella, I choose to think of her lovingly and I am grateful to feel her pure puppy love even though I can’t feel her wet kisses or feel her smooth fur. She is keeping my mom company and I am so grateful to her for being such a good companion and friend!

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