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“I found your blog so helpful for me as im moving to berlin very soon. I’ve made my search from room rents all the way to dating in Berlin. To be honest I’m having doubts about my decision.
I’ve been living in Dubai for the past twenty years – it’s a crazy city but not as Berlin !!

I’ve joind meet up groups vostel for volunteering to get busy after my language school in berlin, but still sometimes I feel so excited for this big move and at night I start reading about the lifestyle and the people and get anxious again….

I would love any advice from you…

Plus another random question, I go jogging alot in dubai but in Berlin the temprature is always down how do people go outdoor jogging what do they wear ??? 
Thank you for your blog which is realy interesting.”


Thanks for your question(s). I feel it is impossible for me to advise you one way or another. I thought I was really well suited to Berlin but absolutely hated it when I first arrived. Like I said in the post, I have now had many moments of sheer delight but it has been very up and down. I now really enjoy living in the city and understand very clearly why it’s special. Perhaps you should read this post I wrote last year:

My Berlin Gratitude List: 10 Reasons I Love Berlin

It is my guess that if you are to enjoy Berlin you will find other reasons why. Berlin is a very individualistic city. It forces you to be yourself and to “fly your freak flag” if you will. It is anti-conformist and antiestablishment to its core. This means that you will have to learn and grow as a person, which can be incredibly painful but ultimately rewarding and meaningful. 

I’m one of those people that believe in accumulating lots of different experiences. I guess that means I’ve got an adventurous spirit. It sounds like you might be the same. To this end, I would suggest you throw caution to the wind and try it out! What’s the worst thing that can happen? You come here and discover it’s not for you and make a decision to go somewhere else? At least if that’s the case you will have gained some new experiences and hopefully learned about yourself in the process. 

I would suggest though, that if you’re serious about giving Berlin a shot then you need to try stick it out for at least a year if not two.

It’s a “slow-to-warm” city so don’t be disappointed if things aren’t all falling into place immediately.

If you’re looking to make friends, there are lots of Facebook groups and Meetup groups that specialize in bringing together expats. I’ve also heard of a lot of people using Tinder and other dating sites as a way to meet new people.

In terms of running in winter, I’m afraid I’m not an expert on that. Coming from South Africa, the cold is not my friend and I pretty much abandon outdoor exercise during the colder months. I do yoga during winter and it is actually really lovely and highly beneficial.

Hope this helps. Thanks for coming over to Carly’s Couch! And good luck for the future 🙂

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