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What makes you a great boyfriend/girlfriend?

I care a lot

What makes you a crap boyfriend/girlfriend?

I care too much?

What is your biggest relationship regret?

Being impatient

What is the hardest part about being in a relationship for you?

Being patient

What is your sex spirit animal?


Are you comfortable talking about sex around your friends? At which point in the conversation does it become cringey?

Relatively. Over-sharing is not caring

Do you give your friends advice? Which topic(s) do you feel comfortable with? (Love/Sex/Money/Drugs/Music)

Yes, any

Do you think there is value in seeing a therapist and why?

Yes, everyone needs an impartial objective listener. Even if it’s just to be heard / get stuff off your chest in a trusting environment. That’s rare (no wonder it’s expensive).

How do you think you’ve grown emotionally over the last 10 years?

I’m learning about attachment, expectations, assumption, authenticity and persistence.

Which emotions scare you the most and why?

Jealousy makes you nasty.

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