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1. What makes you a great girlfriend?

I am very loving and giving, and highly empathic. I am willing to work and communicate on difficult issues and to weather storms. I am very willing to introspect and offer a yielding position in service of finding a loving outcome for both people.

2. What makes you a crap girlfriend?

Sometimes I become reactive and get lost in complexes and feelings of inadequacy. I don’t always empower myself first, which is important. I’m not always clear on my boundaries. I sometimes struggle to allow space, particularly when I’m insecure.

3. What is your biggest relationship regret?

Not being able to contain myself and give space when it was demanded of me.

4. What is the hardest part about being in a relationship for you?

Surrendering to outcomes. Telling the difference between attitudes I need to work with and realities I need to face.

5. What is your sex spirit animal?

It’s a creature of the elements. Part human; part animal, warm and wild, curious and tame, tender and responsive, and also playful. I want to say maybe a bit wolf, a bit horse and some other things that only can be found in forests and Brian Froud’s faerie books.

6. Are you comfortable talking about sex around your friends? At which point in the conversation does it become cringey?

I don’t know of a time that conversation has become cringey. My friends and I like to talk about sex.

7. Do you give your friends advice? Which topic(s) do you feel comfortable with? (Love/Sex/Money/Drugs/Music)

I try just reflect things from my perspective, and what I know of them. I very occasionally give advice on any topic

8. Do you think there is value in seeing a therapist and why?

It’s a safe space to allow all aspects of the inner world voice and expression. A therapist also represents a constant, balanced, external voice, which is more objective and nonjudgmental. This is an inner voice that is valuable to develop.

9. How do you think you’ve grown emotionally over the last 10 years?

Hard to answer easily.

10. Which emotions scare you the most and why?

It’s not really an emotion but I’m probably most afraid of deep fundamental rejection. As in giving my all and being judged unworthy.

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