So I’ve just finished watching Breaking Bad, which is why it’s on my mind. There were many things that annoyed me about the show. I was bored throughout the 5 seasons and only watched ’til the end because I was waiting to see what ALL the fuss was about. People loved the show! I thought it was a very long, sad, messed-up cautionary tale. The fly scene had me shouting and rolling my eyes because I felt like I had literally wasted my life watching it. But above all else, what irritated me most about the show was the amount of purple that existed in Marie and Hank’s home. I mean, seriously? Now don’t get me wrong, I love the colour purple but I think there is a something wrong with having all purple everything. My friend in Berlin has a theory that you get “purple people”, mostly women, who dress head to toe in purple and she always points them out to me on the street.

So let’s imagine Marie was responsible for decorating a therapy room… would it look something like this?



So actually these pictures from Pinterest are probably a little on the stylish side for Marie. What would you think if your therapists room was all purple? What does the colour mean to you?