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First published May 16 2014

This is my dog, Caramella.


C a r a m e l l a . . . !


That’s a good girl.

So, as I was saying. Caramella is definitely on the couch with Carly more than anyone else. And she has taught me many things, as does anyone who comes on over to share their stories.

Caramella wisdom says: Naps are very important, especially if it’s cold.


Caremella spends about 60% of her life lying around. She reckons life is about comfort and relaxation. She’s big on cuddling and believes that a healthy relationship is full of affection and devotion. To this end, she starts each day with a healthy dose of kisses for her loved ones. She also believes that every day is another chance to say “I love you”, which she spends a fair amount of time doing, especially after extended periods of absence.

Apart from being the most loving, lovable creature in the world (which is a full-time job I might add), Caramella’s second biggest occupation is going for walks. She loves walking on the mountain behind our house.


She also loves the beach. Sometimes, she takes her best friend, Ivy, along. And they ponder on life.


She is quite philosophical, really.

But even though she has such wisdom and great depth, her love of the profound often comes second to her desire to keep up with what’s happening on the social networks (one might even say it’s FOMO).

Everyday, quite a few times a day in fact, Caramella goes and checks her Facebook. Well at least that’s what we call her walks around the property checking all the new smells the other animals have left.

You see for her, smelling Ivy’s latest poo is the same as us seeing “Ivy just checked in on Foursquare” or hearing the guinea fowl squealing as they get chased by the neighbour’s dogs is the same as us reading a Facebook status update like “Those damn birds are at it again, but I got rid of them once and for all – feeling accomplished”.

Caramella wisdom says: check your Facebook status twice a day at least, mornings and evenings are best because that is when there’s the most action, but don’t forget to update your status so that everyone knows what you’re up to – they say they don’t like 9gag but actually they click on it every time!

Catch more from Caramella on the Couch soon!

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