Come Pin With Me: What does your Dream Therapy Room look like?

 In All, My Dream Therapy Room

I’m starting a new tradition on Carly’s Couch. As we wind down towards the weekend, it’s nice to take a break from cerebral activities and let our creative and aesthetic sides come out!

As a psychologist, I am always struggling to find a place for my love of beautiful things within my discipline. There seems to be a disconnect. But I don’t think there should be. Why can’t we learn to be more loving to ourselves while also seeking fab accessories or kick-ass shoes? In fact, I actually believe that making our outside world look and feel great helps us to feel the same on the inside.

My experience with psychologists, is that the space that we provide to our patients or clients is critical – it can be a make or break thing for me. I am so much more inclined to show up every week if I know I’m getting to sit on a comfy chair, look across at a stylish bookcase or a colourful vase of flowers. It is therefore so important to make one’s therapy space one that is inviting and comfortable.

I have recently joined Pinterest and have been pinning away on the home decor pages, making notes of the kinds of things that I think make a therapy room great.

I mean, what would a great therapy room be without a comfty leather armchair or couch?


And I for one think that a really large bookcase always adds a great touch! I love the warm colours!


I think every therapy space should include beautiful art,


a coffee table fit with lampshade for mellow lighting, beautiful flower arrangements, interesting ornaments and perhaps even some personalized stationary.


I think that no human space should ever be without some natural elements and so I would always recommend a house plant or four. I love the new fashion of hanging plants and flowers. They’re also great space savers!


So what’s really fun is that all these elements can be tweaked to suit your individual style. Maybe your dream therapy room is all white? Or maybe you would be best talking to someone about your scariest feelings in a colourful, bright space? Maybe you prefer a blue and white beach house theme?

This is something we can play around with. So please share your ideas here or on Pinterest. It’s just for fun and I’m dying to hear from you…




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  • suba lube

    Fq9aiK This is exactly what I was looking for, many thanks

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