“Death of a rainbow” By Anthony Bila

I am absolutely devastated by the violent attacks occurring in South Africa by South Africans on other African citizens. If you don’t know about the violence that has already taken several lives then please read this article. As South Africans, we are taught that we are Africans first. But for those who have nothing, who are starving and suffering from centuries of oppression and poverty, there is no sense of brotherhood.

My friends have taken to social media to voice their outrage. It is a sad time, and there is a distinct lack of leadership to carry us through. It is hard to accept that our countrymen are capable of such hatred and violence.

My friend, Anthony Bila, who is a very talented photographer just wrote this poem that I wanted to share with you. I think it sums up the situation perfectly.

Death of a rainbow.


The colour fades.

A dream deferred to a tomorrow that never came.

We’re chasing yesterday.

How quickly memories of apartheid fade.

When African neighbours where our only escape.


Now we’re burning not effigies but refugees?

Underneath the same colour skin, the same blood we bleed.

Politicians don’t speak, mouthfuls gorged on greed.

I’m ashamed to be… I’m ashamed to breath.

Actions shout louder than words could ever speak.

A painful past behind us, but our future looks bleak.

Love can’t grow when weeds of hatred are sown amongst these seeds.


I’m ashamed. Pointed fingers, point back poignantly so who’s to blame?

From black face to black face, to the world, we all look the damn same.

That’s the only stereotype I wouldn’t stop, I’d love if, if “it” we could adopt.

Maybe if we saw each other the same way, lives could be saved.


I’m stressed senseless, numb, dumb and helpless.

Tweet. Facebook and all that couldn’t help less.

I’m incensed.


If Africa won’t unite.

The oppressor’s won.

Africa will die.

Colonised minds, poisoned & left to die.


A cancer, the body turning on itself.

Self-hatred destroying mental health.


We protest and pull down oppressors of stone.

And turn on our own flesh, blood and bone.


Race your fist, put down your phone.

Together we stand, we fall alone.


African lives matter. How do we shatter,

our own hypocrisy?

White supremacy lamentations,

Despising our own reflections.


I want to do more, some way, some how.

Is anybody listening, can anybody tell me how?

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