Does your dream therapy room look like this?

Last week I showed you some images that I had pinned demonstrating the kind of aesthetic I would go for in my dream therapy room. This week I have selected some items that I think would go well in a “tranquil” therapy room. White is the colour of serenity, of pureness. It is clean and neutral. Blue is calming and it is also a colour used to connote trustworthiness and integrity. Together, they are often found in holiday homes by the sea but I feel that all too often these beach houses can be quite cluttered and kitsch. A therapy room should be a space of calm and tranquility.


So to start off with, the parts that take up the most space in the room: the drapes/curtains/blinds and the walls need to be neutral. White or off white is best. And it’s a good idea not to have any loud patterns or too many bursts of colour in the mix.


If you are going to use a colour accent, then a soft pale blue is all you need. I like this blue because it is calm and tranquil, reminding me of soft aquamarine water or a morning sky.


The beach house feel can be brought in via some striped fabric or a rustic, “shabby chic” piece of wooden furniture. But I wouldn’t overdo this because it shouldn’t feel like you’re at a holiday home. A therapy room is a lived-in space, it needs to feel permanent and stable rather than temporary and half-used.


The only other colours I would bring into the pallet would be natural tones from wood, water and living greenery. I like the idea of a contained house plant or terrarium because they are neat and clean. The greenery reminds one of nature with its constant and dynamic vitality.


A beautifully arranged vase with white flowers can also add a lovely touch. I especially love the Zen version in the middle, which is so perfectly simple and elegant but has such a calming effect.


Carrying on with the nature theme, I think bringing in another element will sooth and relax while also stimulating the senses. A water feature is a really nice touch that can bring a therapy room together. It gives a sense that the space is alive and vibrant while also calming the nervous system due to the rhythmic sounds and flow of energy.


Lastly, I think the lighting in your tranquil space is very important. I would go for soft lighting created by a dim lamp or candles in large glass containers. I especially love the fact that the above images contain other natural elements like driftwood and sand because this continues the theme of tranquility via nature.

So what do you think? Is this the kind of space you would want to enter on a weekly basis to discuss your inner demons and deepest emotions? Would you feel safe here or would it be off-putting? Share your thoughts #onthecouchwithcarly

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