Fuck Your Dogma!

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Ideally the title for this post would have been “Fuck the Catholic Church!” but for the sake of being more general and in fact more accurate I would like to berate the entire concept of dogma rather than any one system that makes use of it.

How did this rant get sparked off? Well, I watched “Philamena” on Sunday. It’s a lovely biographical film about an old Irish lady (played by Dame Judi Dench) who goes on a search to find her child who was taken from her by nuns when she was a teenager.

She was sent to this covent after falling pregnant where she was then forced to work out her sins and her child was sold to an American family without her consent. It is a bitterly traumatic story of how a mother’s bond with her child is violently severed, an event that neither child or parent ever really recover from.

The part that pisses me off, however, is the fact that this entire bloody mess was created by a group of so called “holy” women who sacrifice their vitality in the name of God only to commit the most heinous and unjust acts in His name.

So who is to blame? Is it God that is wrong? Is it man? No, it’s Dogma!

God, at least from a Christian perspective, is supposed to be a bloody nice guy. If he made his son, Jesus Christ, in his image then it is pretty obvious (from what I hear) that he is a forgiving, loving, accepting, all embracing kind of guy. So then why would these so called Christians behave so appallingly cruel, one might even say “evil”?

Now let’s not kid ourselves. These nuns in this convent in this small Irish town are NOT the only perpetrators of violent acts against persons or groups in the name of Dogma. The same might be said of any militant faction of Judaism, Islam or Christianity whereby right-wing politics are worshipped and fought for over and above any logical concept of God. Of course there are also perfectly lovely, well meaning religious people. This is not an attack on any religious group but merely the ones that act in this way in the name of Dogma.

It is Dogma that drives these men and women insane, drunk on the words they’ve been forced to swallow over years of indoctrination.

Dogma is defined by the dictionary as:


It is a weapon as dangerous as any bomb. It is used by the ignorant and the desperate, the power-hungry and the tyrannical.

So yes, yesterday I wrote about spirituality and its utility in our human lives. But today I admonish the use of religious or other (nationalism, sexism, racism etc all function this way too) dogma that is used as a control mechanism to further one group’s interests over another via violent and inhumane acts.

I don’t care if you believe in God or not. We all need our belief systems and I can in no way lay claim to privileged information that gives me the power to say whether any one truth is the ultimate truth. But I can tell you one thing, I do not ascribe and do not condone the use of Dogma to hurt, punish, or deny any human being their rights.

This means that I do not believe that any one person or group has the right to decide how another person should live, who they should love, where they can worship, and whether they are “sinners” that should receive punishment for acts that are only understood to be wrong according to one or another Dogma.

To end, here is a quote from “The Final Testament of the Holy Bible” by James Frey.

“Love is life. Life isn’t worth living without love. And the Catholic Church, filled with celibate men who have no experience with it, has no right telling other people how to love or who to love or what kind of love is right or wrong”

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    why do you make the statement ” I don’t care if you believe in God or not. We all need our belief systems” ?
    I am an atheist, and have been for a number of years. I know that I don’t need a belief system.
    I have been through trauma’s from a personal and work perspective, from going through a divorce to losing my sister to her battle with cancer, losing my job midst that loss ! plus more… and still didn’t need religion or belief system.

    so just curious as to why you think or believe we need it?

    • Daniel Sher

      But one could say that even the rejection of circumscribed belief systems (i.e. atheism) is a belief system in itself, no?

  • Carly

    David, does Daniel’s response suffice? I do agree that we all believe in something. For example, if you believe that the Bible is inaccurate and that Dinosaurs exist, then you are basing your beliefs on the system of science. Yes of course, science is set up to be about “truth” and “fact” but even that is debatable. Quantum Physicists have long been disputing the absoluteness of empirical knowledge. We are all merely subjective observers and our realities are thus created from our perceptual apparatus – and our experience of the observable world is thus filtered through our understandings or belief systems. For example, a man who tells a psychologist that he hears voices could be interpreted to have Schizophrenia but this same phenomenon would be interpreted differently by a Sangoma, for instance, who might believe the man is being visited by his ancestors. A priest might say he is being possessed by evil spirits. So what I’m saying David – is that if you tend to go to medical doctors when you are unwell and if you allow them to make decisions about your ailments by giving you cures such as medicines or surgery, then you are in fact buying into a certain belief system. Would you agree?

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    Atheism = disbelief or lack of belief in the existence of God or gods…. not rejection of !
    It is not a belief system its exactly the opposite.
    As far as gods go, i simply believe in one less god than you do. you reject all other gods, mostly for no apparent reason. If you can understand why believing in Zeus is silly, you should be able to apply that understanding to all gods—including yours
    I’m sure you follow a particular god and religion mostly because your parents followed a certain belief and so do you now.

    Science: In my view, science doubts & questions, and when challenged provides evidence.
    Same applies to modern medicine…i am far more trusting of years of research by people who trained and learned for many years. I don’t understand theists who reject medicine & expect prayers to cure them.
    I saw a great quote regarding science and religion:
    ❝The willingness of science to admit both what it does not know, & when it is wrong, is a joy that religion will never experience.❞

    I don’t know about you, but I would rather trust a modern day scientist over a goat herder when it came to medicine, maths, engineering, science etc…

    do i believe in things, yes, but just not when it comes to religion. I don’t believe in some invisible all powerful, all loving, all-knowing maker of the rules… who just happens to hate gays, allows for slavery, allows suffering, has never shown himself to the world… etc. etc.

  • Reply

    I truly appreciate this post.Thanks Again. Much obliged.

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