Gratitude Wednesday: Carly on shoot

Wow, sorry for the long delay between posts. I have been so busy preparing for Berlin and getting all the last minute things done, it’s been quite hectic but very very exciting!
In between all the travelling prep I managed to squeeze in a photo shoot on Saturday – the results of which you can see here.

I am fortunate enough to have very talented friends who offered their space, time, camera equipment, photography skills and keen eyes. I also got a full make-up and styling treatment courtesy of the ever-stylish bestie LCVH. Shout out to Sue and Jenna who absolutely rocked!
Today on this Gratitude Wednesday I am absolutely bursting with gratitude, love and energy. Thank you universe for this exciting adventure called life!

So yes, just a short post but I gotta go sort out car licenses and stuff – ah life and its admin!

For a hump-day laugh, check out some of the bloopers from the shoot:


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