Wow, what a roller coaster of a week!

This time last week I was in full-blown panic mode. I was desperate. My emotional state was somewhere between shock, trauma and grief. It felt difficult to smile.

Why you ask? Because my dearest puppy dog, Caramella, went missing.


I know it sounds crazy because she’s just a dog.

But what I have now discovered is that love is love. It doesn’t matter that she isn’t human. I love her. Plain and simple. And with love comes loss. I realised this is why people are scared to love, why it’s so threatening for many to truly surrender themselves to the natural and normal process of falling in love. BECAUSE IT HURTS SO MUCH WHEN YOU LOSE THAT LOVED ONE.

But this is not a story about loss, thank God. Caramella was found. After 32 hours. After I spent the night searching for her. After I made and put up Missing Dog posters all over town. And after I turned down an interview with BBC World Service because I had “a family emergency”.

Whether I was crazy or not to have done that is debatable. Certainly there are some who would not put anything before their “15 minutes”. But I did. I turned down my 15 minutes of fame for the love of a dog.

So, on this gratitude wednesday, I would like to thank the universe for delivering Caramella back to us, shivering and dehydrated, after spending the night on the mountain facing the elements. And I would like to thank the kind people who recognized her as the dog in the picture and brought her home. I would like to thank the universe for protecting her and keeping her from harms way because she is so beautiful and I was really worried that someone would steal her.

But most of all I am grateful for the opportunity to reconnect with myself, my heart. I may get fame, but if I do it will not come at a cost to my loved ones and it will never come before my relationships. I am grateful to have love in my life, in which ever form it comes – be it human or canine. Yes, this will always make me more vulnerable but that is the price you pay for love. And it’s worth it, believe me!

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