So at the risk of appearing Oprah-esque I have decided to start a new initiative on Carly’s Couch.

In my opinion, gratitude is by far the best antidote to depression or self pity. It is very hard to feel sorry for yourself when you see the evidence for why you are fortunate. We all need a dose of humility every now and again. What better day then Wednesday, right? The mid-week slump, the hump day blues, you know how it goes. We spend Monday and Tuesday adjusting to the work week and by Wednesday the energy levels are down and the weekend is calling.

As today marks the first of Gratitude Wednesdays, I thought I would share with you some of the things I am grateful for this week. But please, this is gonna be super boring if it’s only about me. I want to hear from you too! Please share your gratitude #onthecouchwithcarly

What I am grateful for today:

I am grateful for an active mind.

I am grateful to live in a county in which freedom is not taken for granted but is still actively negotiated on a social consciousness level – I do not claim that South Africa has yet fully recovered from apartheid but I do believe that we are far more conscious of our struggles than other countries and for that we can be kept in touch with our demons and humbled by our knowledge that the mountain still needs to be climbed.

I am grateful that I have experienced living in two of the major cities in South Africa over the last year and that both have inspired and enthralled me. Thank you Johannesburg for your honest, urban energy and rich tapestry of hard-working (and hard twerking) creative minds. And thank you Cape Town for your endless expanse of breathtaking natural landscapes and your ability to slow me down to a natural pace.

Lastly, I am grateful for the human beings that make my life meaningful. To my family, who mean the world to me. To my friends – who count for more in quality than quantity. And to you, the readers of this blog, because without you these words would be like a tree falling down in a forrest, unable to be heard.