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I just had a very inspiring session with a 65 year old female patient. She has been feeling depressed because her husband has stopped showing her affection and she has felt completely alone for a long time.

Today she tells me that they had a good chat the other day. He told her that he had withdrawn from the relationship because he felt she didn’t love him anymore. She told him that he needs to hug her and kiss her every day in order to show her that he truly cares. After each had expressed their feelings, they realised that there was still a lot of love in their relationship and that all was not lost.

They celebrated their re-ignited connection by skinny-dipping in their outside jacuzzi that evening, under the stars.

And she says that every night she goes to sleep in his arms now.

Let this be inspiration to all those in relationships and even to those who are not. Anything is possible with communication. Express your feelings and show the other person how much you care about them using affection and praise.

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  • buba suba

    ZaTOTk This information is worth everyone as attention. Where can I find out more?

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