Inspiring quotes to help you on this Steak Knife Tuesday

I have long been a believer of “Steak Knife Tuesday”. It is not Monday that is the true bitch of the week. Probably because you still feel tinges of leftover excitement from the weekend or maybe because you expect it to be crappy, but I have always found Mondays to be far more manageable. But by Tuesday there is no more reliving of the weekend glory “around the watercooler” as it has become painfully obvious that the week is in full swing and work is the only thing on the agenda. I am also one of those people that gets delayed exhaustion and so any sleep deprivation is only felt after a few days. This is why Tuesday sucks.

But I have decided to medicate myself today with positive words and imagery. I will not let this Tuesday get me down. I have been collecting cute quotes and happy sayings on Pinterest over the last few weeks and today I want to share some of these with you. Please also feel free to share some of your favourite quotes here or on the Facebook Page.







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