Melissa Dalton’s Answers


1. What makes you a great girlfriend?

I’m all for the idea of a “conscious” partnership where both parties are independent within a sacred union. My ability to love unconditionally and respect my partner’s own growth path. My ability to be objective in a relationship and see “the other’s” side.


2. What makes you a crap girlfriend?

I’m non – negotiable w.r.t being in a sexually monogamous partnership (while I’m in it with him). I have a tendency to back away from confrontation at times (unless it is important for me to make a point).


3. What is your biggest relationship regret?

Taking “the other” for granted. Communication – failing to communicate my personal needs to my partner.


4. What is the hardest part about being in a relationship for you?



5. What is your sex spirit animal?

The black panther


 6. Are you comfortable talking about sex around your friends? At which point in the conversation does it become cringey?

Hell yeah! Very comfortable talking about sex around and with my mates. At this point in my life there’s not ever an uncomfortable point around discussions of sex (except when their children are around .. haha ..)


7. Do you give your friends advice? Which topic(s) do you feel comfortable with? (Love/Sex/Money/Drugs/Music).

Yes – on a regular basis on both a professional level and on a friendship level (no consultation fee charged i.r.o the latter). Topics – sex, love, money, drugs, relationships, holistic lifestyle practice – wellbeing & balance, physical health.


8. Do you think there is value in seeing a therapist and why?

Yes … since most are not in a position, nor are they well equipped enough, to have perspective on their own situation that will enable themselves to deal with or transcend the challenges they are being faced-with. A therapist can offer this in most instances and provide some level of clarity i.r.o the way forward.


9. How do you think you’ve grown emotionally over the last 10 years?

Twice as much as I have grown over the 30 years of my life preceding these last 10 years; much of the emotional growth has come as a result of very challenging/highly traumatic situations I have faced. Area of greatest growth over the past 10 years = unconditional love – to all things, no exceptions; “responding” to every situation I am faced with rather than “reacting” to it; I have learnt to trust the universal process (strong believer in divine timing).


10. Which emotions scare you the most and why?

FEAR … fear is an illusion yet we are powerful enough to manifest our fears as much as our dreams and desires; as a low calibrating energy, fear can prevent the attainment of wellness and well being and can block/delay the achievement of our dreams and goals and the state of our happiness.

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