My Futuristic Dream Therapy Room

I’ve been doing a lot more therapy over skype recently and it’s got me thinking. How is the nature of our therapy evolving along with technologies and what does the future hold for psychology?

This week, I am taking a look into the future. I am imagining that our therapy rooms, if we have them at all, will be decorated with futuristic cyber designs and multi-functional units that provide therapeutic aid while also assisting in one or another functional duty. I’m thinking robots that take process notes, sofas that also give off calming radio waves, coffee machines that produce mugs of verbal affirmations…am I getting a bit carried away?

What’s for sure, is that we are going to be doing a lot less face-to-face therapy in the future. Skype will turn into simulated conference calls where therapist and patient sit opposite each other in a simulated room in cyber space while in actual fact the one is in her lounge in Cape Town and the other on his balcony in the Maldives.

In this future what would my dream therapy room/space look like?

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