Sex Survey Results: Penetration vs Oral sex???

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From your responses it would seem that men and women tend to have opposing tastes with regards to penetration versus oral sex.

Women seem to prefer penetration and men prefer oral…so evidently it’s not just Bill Clinton then ahem.

This gender divide is evident in the following two responses but what is more interesting is the reasons given for these choices. The female respondent describes the sexual act physically whereas the male respondent describes the intimacy and closeness.

Q10: Do you prefer oral sex or penetration (assuming your partner was good at both) —which one would you choose and why?

Female respondent: “Penetration, no matter if the partner is a male or a female with a strap-on; it allows a fuller, wider connection between the bodies.”

Male respondent: “Oral sex. Feels amazing, so intimate and so much mutual trust. It’s very special.”

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