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Q4: Describe your best sexual experience. What was awesome about it?

A huge theme is that of reckless abandon…having an experience that thrills and excites one to the point of really letting go. Oh and some mind altering drugs thrown in…

I wonder if the need for drugs has something to with the fact that letting go in general can be quite difficult as it requires us to expose ourselves. We all know that substances can help us lose some inhibition. But so can love. Perhaps that is why most respondents spoke of their best sex being either their wildest sex or sex with someone special who made them feel special?

“An ex wanted to “sleep over” one last time and do all the wildest stuff we got up to while we were together” (Male respondent)

“In the middle of the Jungle in Thailand, no people, just us, naked, going wild in the wild, there’s something about the great outdoors, oh and a bit of opium…” (Female respondent)

“It was a one night stand in Greece, after a festival. Completely unexpected…had gotten quite stoned and thought it was quite plutonic but when I said goodnight he was surprised that we weren’t even going to kiss, and then I thought what the hell and well one thing led to another and I was very pleased, in more ways than one! Closer to 4 if memory serves me right. It was also my first orgasm from oral sex” (Female respondent)

“Giving myself over completely for the first time with my last partner. Believing for once that he (or anyone) was so into me that it enabled me to turn my brain off and take carnal pleasure to a new level” (Female respondent)

“The feeling of being cherished as a person and liked as a woman” (Female respondent)

“I have 2 and they differ by love. The first was on the rough of a compound in Mali with a Spaniard I’d met and was travelling with. It was passionate and physical both of us being highly aroused by the risk of having sex in the open in an Islamic country. The second was with a long term girlfriend after having fallen in love. It was less physical but rather tender, soft and deeply passionate. Both experiences were magnificent for different reasons.” (Male respondent)

“It involved lots of foreplay form both of us, some mild s&m which included a bit of spanking her, a whip, a feather blindfold… having both hot and cold drinks then doing oral on one another, intercourse in many positions…all in a few sessions that lasted over 2 hours… it was intense, passionate, tender, intimate… we went through the range of feelings and emotions… we then lay there trying to catch our breath, our mouths touching after kissing and we just inhaled one another’s breath for what must have been 5 minutes… it was almost tantric in a sense… like our souls connected… it was beyond amazing!” (Male respondent)

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