Let’s Talk about Sex. A Recap From Last Year’s Sex Survey

I have decided to publish some of the most interesting results from the sex survey I ran last year.

Over the next few weeks I will be releasing the responses. They are completely anonymous so please don’t freak out if your response is published.

Please make this interesting by joining in the conversation…



1. The Stats:

Gender of correspondents:

60% Female 40% Male


Question 2: How many sexual partners have you had?

Lowest: 7

Highest: 42

Average: 20.5


Question 3: How many one-night-stands or a fuck-buddy relationships have you had?

Lowest: 1

Highest: 35

Average: 7.9


2. Penetration vs Oral sex???

From your responses it would seem that men and women tend to have opposing tastes with regards to penetration versus oral sex.

Women seem to prefer penetration and men prefer oral…so evidently it’s not just Bill Clinton then *ahem*

This gender divide is evident in the following two responses but what is more interesting is the reasons given for these choices. The female respondent describes the sexual act physically whereas the male respondent describes the intimacy and closeness.


Q10: Do you prefer oral sex or penetration (assuming your partner was good at both) —which one would you choose and why?

Female respondent: “Penetration, no matter if the partner is a male or a female with a strap-on; it allows a fuller, wider connection between the bodies.”

Male respondent: “Oral sex. Feels amazing, so intimate and so much mutual trust. It’s very special.”


Some other responses to Question 10

“Different strokes for different… days of the week? Oral is great for feeling spoiled, sex is more of a shared activity and it can get more passionate.” (Male respondent)

“Hmmmm, tough question, can I have both at the same time?! I’d go with penetration, why, because I like it, haha, no why, hmmm, because I feel more connected to the person that way, physically, mentally & emotionally, we both going to get pleasure from it which I believe makes it more intense, oral sex is one sided and more about getting or giving pleasure, depending on whether or not you the giver or the getter!” (Female respondent)

“Hmmmmm. I LOVE oral, but after receiving it I am left with the want of penetration. (Female respondent)

Both. And it really really depends on your partner. I had a gf who was obsessed with giving me oral sex and she was incredibly talented. To the point where if I was standing I would need to hold onto something so as not to collapse and she would do this to me in any position at any time of the day sometimes 4 or 5 times a day for days at a time. The main deciding factor is actually how a partner reacts afterwards. If they are turned on by it and don’t act like they just did you a favour then oral sex is often better than sex because you don’t have to wait for your partner and help them cum. On the other hand its much more intimate having sex in lots of cases so that has its advantages especially if both partners cum quickly or there is creativity involved. It also leaves a feeling of being together which has a very important impact on relationship quality.” (Male respondent)

“Wow.. difficult one… i would go for oral .. I tend to come more after oral than through penetration.” (Male respondent)

Penetration. Oral sex doesn’t do it for me” (Female respondent)


So these are just a few of the responses to question 1. What do you think? Is this representative? Do you agree or disagree? Have your say…share your views #onthecouchwithcarly

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