Share Your Inspirational Pinterest boards

I wanted to remind you all that I have a Pinterest account and that along with collecting quotes and writing posts about my dream therapy room, I’m also going to share random things I’m pinning as I go.

And would love to hear about what you’re pinning, too. I know many use Pinterest for inspiration and for creating online mood boards to help them plan projects or gather material to help focus attention etc.

Today I want to share a new board that I just created. I have chose the theme “Inspiration” because I want to remember what inspires me. Sometimes I just need to be reminded about who I am and how I feel about myself, my life and my future. In this way I am actually choosing to be inspired by my own tastes, and my own sensibilities. I hope it inspires you too.

Right now it is the beginning of Autumn in the northern hemisphere and it is becoming colder and the colours will soon fade. So for this reason I have chosen a very colourful palette to inspire me to remember the vibrancy and colour that exists in the world around us. I have also chosen many textures to excite my senses and remind me of the sensual nature of reality. Included in this board is also quotes and other symbols like doors and windows that remind me of possibility, inspiration, and new beginnings.

I’ve also included images of adventuring girls, curly hair, and the things that inspire me the most in everyday life: the sky and the clouds! If you check out my Instagram account you’ll see mostly pictures of the sky.

In addition to some cute quotes I thought of adding a few fun and silly elements because that’s how I see myself and how I want to see the world. I try not to take it all so seriously. This can be hard sometimes but when I look at this board now it fills my heart with a giggly, girly, silly happiness and makes me excited for the future – whatever that may bring!




Now how about you give it a go? Create an inspiration board and leave a comment with the link so we can see how you’re going to inspire yourself. Please share your boards here or connect with me on Pinterest.

If you’d rather connect with me on Instagram then use the hashtag #onthecouchwithcarly to share inspiring quotes and images.

Who said self love shouldn’t be visually pleasing?!

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