Best Sex Stories (continued)

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Some more responses to Q4 – Describe your best sexual experience. What was awesome about it?

“Lying outside on a cushion on the private patio of my girlfriend’s house when I was 19 and she was lying on top of me with a miniskirt and no underwear and we were having sex. We might have been high but I can’t remember. I was very hard and I remember not needing to cum but just enjoying the sensation to the nth degree and her responding in kind” (Male respondent)

“I was with another gf later at age 22 and we had sex in the toilet of the upmarket club I was working at. Her b.o. used to drive me insane and there was a mirror in the stall so we watched each other. It was extremely erotic and an enormous turn-on because we were both so into each other. Then we left the stall and one of my other friends who was also working there and more senior than me (and a total player) saw us leaving and chuckled and then winked at us” (Male respondent)

“His penis was a little thicker than my thumb, but he made up for in knowing EXACTLY what to do with his tongue, hands, face…let’s just say, foreplay is everything” (Female respondent)

“After having broken up with a long time girlfriend and not knowing what to do with all the sexual energy every time I saw her it would be electric. I always felt an intense sexual buzz in my chest and groin and my mind turned to slush along with all comprehension of consequence and we would inevitably sleep together either in the car or in the woods or on the floor of a house or virtually anywhere. Every time was more intense than the next” (Male respondent)

“One of the single most astounding experiences was lying on floor at a children’s camp when I was 17 and having anal (before regular sex) with my gf while everyone around us (some sleeping bags touching ours) was sleeping” (Male respondent)

“With my Latin lover while I was travelling. I don’t know, we just worked really well together. It seemed really effortless and I didn’t think about any of it, it was just such a comfortable, fun experience” (Female respondent)

“Going down on a girlfriend in the back of her parent’s car while we were driving to a holiday somewhere and they were chatting in the front. I was basically pretending I was sleeping on her lap. The sexual thrill (and stupidity) was overwhelming” (Male respondent)

“Sleeping with an ex girlfriend in a hotel. She turned me on more than any other girlfriend ever had and probably ever will” (Male respondent)

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