Social media is as ubiquitous as it is new. In the last decade we have seen social media go from something “the kids use” to a standard modern communication device used by everyone, young and old. And now due to its use as a marketing tool for brands, it’s almost impossible to avoid.

Although there are still the rare peeps who refuse to partake, let’s assume that most of you reading this are on some form of social media. You and I both know how much time we spend on social media and its waaaay more than we’d like to admit to ourselves. But what is the effect of using social media regularly? Are our lives better, more connected?

I’ve written before about the powerful ‘like’ button and how it is normal to crave recognition and validation from our social networks. When it is used constructively, social media can be a way of sharing with people from all over the world. There are also a lot of really positive messages floating around the interweb with informal support groups cropping up all the time linking people with common ailments or struggles. I see a lot of you giving each other support and digital high fives out there.

But there is another side to social media that isn’t so happy-clappy. A lot of us areRead More