Top Five Tips For Keeping Warm and Cozy This Winter

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I can’t believe it’s already the beginning of February. January is over and we are fully into this year. Usually, in South Africa, this is the time when work really starts to get going and it’s always so tough because it’s the hottest month of the year and we all know how extreme heat can get in the way of productivity. It’s really hard to focus on work when all you want to do is sit poolside sipping on iced drinks.

But this year I am in Europe. It’s my first European February, and to tell you the truth I’m actually loving it! I love the fact that I witnessed my first real snow in Berlin and that I still get to wear the cool new coats I bought because it’s pretty darn freezing. But what I love most of all is that I can focus on my work (which is mostly done at home, on my laptop) whilst keeping nice and cozy and warm.

There are certain things that make working from home in winter that much more enjoyable. I’m sure everyone has their top tips for keeping cozy. Here are mine:

1. Keep your heating at medium
I find that the trick with central heating is don’t set it too high. It does seem like an alluring option and I have thought about the thrill of wearing less clothes and getting to air my skin but the truth is that when the heat is too high, I struggle to keep awake and I also get a little dehydrated. My suggestion is to forego the heat and choose to keep snuggly in a blanket or throw.

Can you think of anything more luxurious and cozy than sitting at your computer wrapped up in this delicious Cashmere Throw from Parachute?


2. Always have a nice warm drink
As I mentioned, winter can actually be quite de-hydrating. I think that I fail to drink enough water mostly because I’m not as noticeably thirsty but also because cold drinks don’t really come to mind. If you’re indoors with the heating on, however, you are going to need to keep hydrated. My solution to this problem is to drink lots of hot drinks. I love green tea and mint tea and rooibos tea. I also like to start my day off with a big glass of hot lemon water and sometimes I have more than one of those as well. As long as you’re not adding too much sugar than hot teas are just as good as water at keeping you hydrated.


3. Set the mood
It’s strange to admit this, but I really respond to a well-organised workspace as well as a certain degree of prettiness around me. Before I can even think of getting productive, I always need to set up my desk so that all my papers are in order and there is no unnecessary clutter lying around. Just as important is how the place looks. I love to buy fresh flowers (see above) so that my room looks nice and bright and colourful. If they smell good that’s a bonus! These days it’s hard to get really great smelling flowers and I am one of those people that need a nice smelling workspace. My solution is to buy beautiful scented candles like these ones from Parachute. You don’t even have to light them to make use of their glorious aroma. But if you want to, they’re even better when lit.


4. Get comfortable
It’s hard to find the perfect spot to sit for long hours. I find the worst part about blogging is the fact that I have to spend so many hours in a stationary position. Often I will change places from the chair to the couch to the floor and back again. This may seem obvious but I think the most important thing to remember when you settle in for a long work session, is to make yourself as comfortable as possible. I like to buy a lot of scatter cushions that I position around me, underneath me and behind my back. I am quite bony and so I can do with the added protection from hard surfaces and it also keeps the experience in the zone of “luxurious and comfortable” and out of “at a desk and awkward”. There have go to be some perks about working from home, right?

I love this decorative linen pillow from Parachute. It’s made from natural fibres so you won’t get sweaty and uncomfortable and it’s soft and plush, just the way I like it.

5. Why get up at all?
My last tip for staying warm and cozy this winter? Well, why even get out of bed at all? I have to say that I am guilty of blogging in bed. I like, no wait, I LOVE my bed. My bed is the happiest place in the world for me. I love that in my bed, I have all the comfort and yet can also totally do my job at the same time. I’m all about no pants Tuesdays or lie-in Thursdays – that’s a thing, right? Haha. Don’t worry, I’m not totally lazy and useless but I do recommend at least having a good long lie-in on Saturdays and Sundays…and maybe Mondays too.

What makes my bed that much more special is the kind of bedding I use. I believe in using only the best, high quality linens. If you think about it, you spend more hours in your bed than you do pretty much anywhere else (or at least I do 😉 ) so why would you not want to spoil yourself by keeping cozy with the best linen around. I usually choose the softest, cuddliest cottons in simple patterns or plain colours. The bedding selection at Parachute ticks all these boxes. Egyptian cotton you say? Hells yes!


This post was made possible via collaboration with Parachute. I was asked to blog about their bedding, which I gladly took as an opportunity to flex my “sponsored” post muscles. If you would like me to blog about one of your products, make sure it is as high quality as Parachute 😉

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