Oh Baby, WTF

In collaboration with The New Normal, Carly’s Couch is excited to announce that Oh Baby, WTF! is now available in the form of a Webinar. The current version also takes into account that we are all experiencing the Covid-19 pandemic.

If you are currently pregnant or have recently given birth then this is for you. Oh Baby, WTF! is the antenatal class we all should’ve had that unpacks the emotional and psychological landscape of new parenthood.

We’ve adjusted the content to fit with the current global crisis where we provide a toolkit on how to deal with those WTF moments of life with an infant, of which there are many, in and amongst the amazingness of it all, and craziness of right now. .

For the duration of lockdown, we’ve brought the price down by 50% to R150 which gives you access to the 2 part webinar on a private Facebook group with other moms from around the world. The group will be accessible for the next few weeks, until the dust has settled, so you can refer back to the videos as well as ask questions and engage with other moms.

If you’re interested in accessing this 2 part webinar series please see bank details below to do an EFT. Use the reference of (your name as it appears on your Facebook profile + Oh Baby). Once you’ve made payment please email your proof of payment to gen@genputter.com. I’ll then send you a link to the private FB group to join.

The New Normal
First National Bank
Business Account

If you’d prefer to use PayPal please email gen@genputter.com for these deets.

Becoming a mother during this time of Covid-19 is unprecedented and we’re here for you. ♥️

So what is Oh Baby, WTF!?

Oh Baby, WTF! is a talk devised by moms Carly Abramovitz, (clinical psychologist and founder of Carly’s Couch) and Genevieve Putter, (founder of The New Normal), to address the systemic changes a mother goes through on a physiological, mental, emotional and social level, after birth. It is a talk that takes a nuanced and in-depth look at what life is REALLY like with an infant in those first few months postpartum.

We will unpack the various spheres of a contemporary woman’s life and how a new baby has a ripple effect throughout all of them – the new identity as mother, her relationship with her partner, friends and family and how to integrate back into the working world as a new mom. The aim is to provide a toolkit on how to manage these shifts in a way that will empower her for her new role in the family dynamic.

While the content of this talk is very much geared towards the mother and to equipping her, we encourage partners to join as well so as to better understand what is going on, or will be once the baby has arrived, as they are often her first line of support.

The facilitators

Genevieve is the founder of the New Normal, an Instagram community started a year ago due to the lack of support and information about the transition to motherhood. She was inspired after the birth of her son three years ago when she experienced a postpartum unravelling due to the pressures that came with new motherhood. She currently runs a support group for new moms in Cape Town, has regular info sessions and is currently training as a postpartum doula.

Carly is the founder of Carly’s Couch, a group psychology practice based in Cape Town. As a clinical psychologist and new mom, Carly has a specific interest in providing support for women’s mental health during the perinatal period. Perinatal Mood and Anxiety Disorders affect 1 in every 10 women (according to SADAG, 2012) but in South Africa this figure is close to 1 in every 3 new moms according to the Perinatal Mental Health Project.

If you’d like any more info please follow The New Normal and Carly’s Couch on Instagram and send a DM or get in touch with either of Genevieve or Carly on gen@genputter.com and info@onthecouchwithcarly.com respectively.

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