Gratitude Wednesday


On Monday I posted about the fantastic book My Stroke of Insight. So today for Gratitude Wednesday I thought I would share some more wisdom from the book.

“To experience pain may not be a choice but to suffer is a cognitive decision”

Yes, we all experience pain – it is an unavoidable fact of life. But we do not have to wallow in that pain and we do not have to feel sorry for ourselves. We have a choice. Today I encourage you to choose gratitude instead.

But don’t take it from me,

“Just realize that deep inside your right mind (deep within your heart’s consciousness) rests eternal peace. The easiest way I have found to humble myself back into a state of peaceful grace is through the act of gratitude.” P173-174

Today I am also grateful that I live in the most beautiful city in the world (well according to Buzzfeed). Cape Town is at no. 1! What is even more exciting, is that there are 19 other beautiful cities waiting to be explored…
I love these photos as they capture the big city feel – the lights, buildings, landscapes and architecture – all beautifully unique and tantalizingly foreign. Ooh I think I’m ready for another big adventure…watch this space.
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