Husband and wife, Kone and Kat, share their answers. Best Married Couple Evs!

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1. What makes you a great husband/wife?

KONE > Everyday I wake up and try again. And press repeat until a gentle consistency arises. I promised to make my wife laugh everyday – when she reads my answers I’m hoping she’ll catch enough lols for today and tomorrow because I’ll be away in some far off city probably trying to think what makes me a great husband. Again – press repeat until a gentle consistency arises.

KAT > I’d say my jokes – wahaha! Or maybe just the fact that I love challenges, growing and wanting to become a more awesome person. I really think I’m a cool wife – not like those “complicated” women out there and that makes me great.

2. What makes you a crap husband/wife?

KONE > I’m more stubborn than a donkey, but that doesn’t make me an ass because my stubbornness has style which is mistaken for humour.

KAT > My stubburness. I tend to know everything better

3. What is your biggest relationship regret?

KONE > I think in past relationships probably being too much of a ‘rescuer’ – I really love people but sometimes that translated me into a coricraft door mat. Because of that I have a huge chip on my shoulder when I think I’m helping and it get’s misinterpreted or missed. I try to keep it out of my marriage, but you’ll have to ask again tomorrow how I went today.

KAT > I used to let others control me, but then I discovered the power of boundaries and my life became awesome!

4. What is the hardest part about being in a relationship for you?

KONE > Dying to self and realising the world doesn’t revolve around you – a lot of people seem to think getting into a relationship that they can carry on as they were, but a lot of growing and maturity must occur. But it’s great right – it’s like being carved into a beautiful piece but everyone knows that stone and wood aren’t born wanting to be nice looking statues; they have to be crafted into their full potential.

KAT > Letting Go. Letting go of my own ideals of what’s right and wrong and also letting go and just trusting in the other persons awesomeness and abilities.

5. What is your sex spirit animal?

KONE > Not sure about what sex has to do with anything here but definitely an elephant. Silent giant moving through the bush and I never forget.

KAT > Never thought about this, so not sure what I’d be – maybe a Lioness – the hunter of the pride.

6. Are you comfortable talking about sex around your friends?

At which point in the conversation does it become cringey?

KONE > Yea I guess so, never really had the chance outside of my close knit of boys so i guess i wouldn’t know. I guess conversation makes me cringe (cringey is not good english!) when it gets into the whole ‘claiming’ stage – true story, once had a homie who went home with a girl, and the next morning he told me that he ” took it to the pound ” … Was she a stray or disobedient dog? It’s very confusing and this dear readers is the stupidity that keeps the world afloat. It’s the same stupidity that told you Yeezy was an amazing rapper.

KAT > I’d only talk to my close girl friends about the subject if necessary, otherwise I don’t see a point in talking about the subject in a group environment and that usually makes me feel uncomfortable. I just hate sex jokes and turning something beautiful into something cheap.

7. Do you give your friends advice? Which topic(s) do you feel comfortable with? (Love/Sex/Money/Drugs/Music)

KONE > Most comfy with talking about the first because it’s beautiful, the second is fun but I’m no Dr Eve, I’m really bad with my own money (even though I manage huge budgets for work, how does this work!), I’ve never taken a drug and I’ve smoked a strawberry cigarello on my wedding day so definitely no (my body is a temple) – they can go find Dr.Quinn as soon as she finishes the new seasons of Touched By Angel, and music I will gladly lecture because I have a PHD in awesome music knowledge, so readers STUDY YOUR HISTORY!

KAT > I like giving advice, especially about Love, relationships and money. I’m the Finance Director in our household and I’m great at it! Sex, not really my fave topic, drugs I never took and music, I learn from others – especially Kone.

8. Do you think there is value in seeing a therapist and why?

KONE > I don’t know. When I was 8 I saw a psychologist because I was struggling with certain core subjects in school (which at the time automatically meant there was something wrong), and the only thing she told me was that I had the reading ability/capacity of a 13 year old. So from that point I just chose to read more, and so I get a lot of help from books. However i envy those who can get help before they hit rock bottom – i could learn a lot from them.

KAT > I see value in counseling and coaching, but not so sure about Therapy. From watching a friend going through the process, all she was left with, was an explanation of her issues but no tools to deal with them. So whatever comes her way, she uses her Therapy explanation as an excuse. I don’t believe in making excuses, you gotta make a choice to grow and be stretched. Get help, but don’t get it to get comfortable within your mess.

9. How do you think you’ve grown emotionally over the last 10 years?

KONE > Well I was 16, ten years ago and just discovered skateboarding, music, creativity & love all in that order. So what’s grown in the last ten years – I buy my own boards now, I listen to more music and I make a lot more work and I bought a house in the neighborhood of love and stopped renting. That’s filled my emotional tank quite a bit.

KAT > As I mentioned before, discovering boundaries around 19, which was 10 years ago has changed my life. The freedom of saying no and relaxing within that gave me great confidence and made me a stronger, more relaxed person. I used to be quite intense with my emotions, but have chilled out loads.

10. Which emotions scare you the most and why?

KONE > Really good question but I’d probably say Anger – I hate to be angry because when it’s pushed out of me I become a Tyrant that rants. It’s not clever and it’s not funny and I hate myself in that, so I try to keep that dark side under wraps…

KAT > hormonal emotions are the worst! They just creep up on you and you start uncontrollably crying or something – I hate those so much and they scare the shit out of me.

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