On the whole, there was a resounding YES from respondents. It seems as though both men and women enjoy a bit of a cuddle and find that intimacy adds to the overall experience of sex.

Many people also reflected on the need for less cuddling and intimacy in short-term, one night stand or fuck buddy relationships.


Q7: How important to you is cuddling and having intimate conversations with a sexual partner?

“Only if you are in love is it important. If it is a buddy situation, it is all about respect and what you both want out of it” (Female respondent)

“Depends. With the person I love, very. With a one night stand its less common unless I’m infatuated with her. Yet often I’ve had very intimate conversation with strangers – it depends on the context” (Male respondent)

“Depends if it’s a long term partner or someone that you have a connection with then yes I definitely want to cuddle and talk, but if its a one night stand with someone I hardly know then cuddling is nice but sometimes the intimacy is hard” (Female respondent)

“Cuddling is nice when it doesn’t substitute sex and includes gentle tickling” (Male respondent)

“It’s not even an option – if you’re not open and intimate, sex is rubbish” (Female respondent)

“Very! It’s very intimate to cuddle after.. and communication is everything” (Male respondent)