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I have some really exciting news. I have released a podcast!

If you are a familiar with my blog and vlogs then you will probably find the podcast to be a natural extension of my existing online presence but if you’re new to “the couch” then this is what you can expect:

  • I am here to represent psychology and therapy in a new and interesting way to hopefully dispel the myth that psychologists are old fuddy-duddy types
  • I am going to be talking about different topics that I feel are important to my work and interest me but also hopefully be helpful and interesting to you
  • I want you to feel you can connect with me via my social media pages so that if you want specific content you can ask and I will make an effort to offer you my insights on a future episode
  • There will be a fair share of swearing and I may talk about difficult or uncomfortable topics
  • I will likely also start interviewing other people so that there will interesting conversations between myself and others as well as my own ramblings

All in all, I want this to be entertaining and educating. I want to create a sense of safety and ease for the listener. I want you to feel at home on my couch.

So please head on over to my channel where ever you get your podcasts.

Or you can follow these links:


For Apple Podcasts

For Spotify

For Google Podcasts

For Stitcher

I will also be sharing episodes here and for each episode I will be sharing the transcript so that you can read my words as well as or instead of listening.

Please do me the favour of rating and reviewing my podcast on your favourite platform. I would really appeciate it. Thaaaaanks!

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