My Gratitude List {12.08.15}


I know it’s been months since you’ve seen a post on this site and that is because there has been some pretty heavy maintenance being done. We have been hard at work putting together the finishing touches that is the new Carly’s Couch.

Although I am still going to write a whole post explaining the reasoning behind the new website and explaining its new functions, today I am considering this a “soft launch” if you will.

It is Wednesday and I am filled with gratitude so I thought I would share my thoughts with you. These are the things I am grateful for today:

<3 It is my 30th birthday on Friday and although I have been feeling all the feels, right now I am in a very calm and centred place. I feel grateful for my sense of myself, as a woman, as an adult, as someone who is not really sure where I’m going but pretty happy to know that I have myself to keep me company along the way.

<3 I am feeling incredibly grateful for the amazingly warm summer weather we’ve been having. I am solar-powered, so although the sun is draining at times I also just feel so alive during summer, so full of energy and “gees” which is a South African term meaning “spirit”.

<3 Summer has offered me many things, one of which is an opportunity to shift old ways of relating to my body. For the first time in years I have been wearing a bikini in public, running in and out of lakes and jumping into swimming pools, and I have been feeling just fine about my wobbly body.


<3 I am grateful for the holidays. Yesterday all my friends went to the lake but I had to go to German class and work. But it’s okay because as of tomorrow I have no more German class and next week I am taking a week off of work and going to Potsdam for a night by myself and then to Copenhagen with my Danish bestie for two nights. I can’t wait!

<3 I am also bursting with excitement for this weekend because my biggest 30th birthday present arrives: my best friend Alice is coming from Amsterdam for the weekend and I can’t wait to spend quality time with her. The last time she came to Berlin I was very new here and was in a bad place. I am grateful that I can share my beautiful apartment with her and show her around town as a local now.

<3 This week I took the first step towards a very important life decision. I’m thinking about doing a Doctorate. I get so excited thinking about immersing myself in academia again. It’s been almost three years since I’ve been in any kind of academic environment and I miss it! Here’s to stimulating one’s brain and mind!

As always, I am grateful to you – my readers. Please start spreading the word about the new site and if you have any comments or questions, or if you would like to send in your own gratitude lists then please use the contact form on the Ask Me Anything page.


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