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Welcome to Carly’s Couch, a clinical psychology practice based in Cape Town, South Africa. We’re here to listen, and qualified to help by offering Individual Psychotherapy to adults, Parent Support and Education, Expat Therapy, and Therapy for Self-growth and Exploration. To help make therapy accessible, sessions can either be held in person or online via Skype.

I Don’t Need Therapy. Do I?

Therapy is helpful for many reasons, and looking for a helping hand is never a sign of weakness or inability. Quite the opposite in fact. Whether you’re feeling depressed, isolated, uneasy about a relationship, anxious, stressed, battling with substances, suffering from an eating disorder, trying to cope with unresolved childhood trauma, or seeking personal growth and greater self-knowledge, speaking to a therapist will undoubtedly have a positive impact on your life.

How We Can Help

Expat Therapy

Having trained and practiced abroad, we have extensive experience with expat therapy and will help you cope with, and overcome, the struggles and emotions that arise during relocation.

Therapy for Self-Growth

Therapy is not just a means to cope with negative challenges, but also a powerful tool to better understand yourself, open up to your inner thoughts and feelings, and grow as a person.

Individual Psychotherapy

This is a one-on-one process through which we will explore your feelings and help you to work through your specific challenges and difficulties.

Parent Support and Education

We offer parent support and education through individual consultation and workshops, guided primarily by Attachment Theory, and specialised intervention methods.

Online Therapy Sessions

To help make therapy accessible, we offer online sessions held via Skype. These would follow the same structure as in person sessions, and can be arranged due to your location, for convenience, or purely because it makes you more comfortable.

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