Oh baby, WTF!


I have some exciting news. I’m going to be speaking at an event next Tuesday (sorry for the late notice) about the psychological impact of becoming a mother.

I have teamed up with The New Normal and together we will be delivering a nuanced talk about what life is REALLY like with a newborn. Think of it as the really important changes a mother goes through on a fundamental level that traditional anti-natal classes don’t cover. We’re talking about the systemic shifts that happen to a mother physically, emotionally and mentally after her first baby is born.

We will take an in-depth look at the various spheres of a contemporary woman’s life and how a new baby has a ripple effect throughout all of them – the new identity as mother, her relationship with her partner, friends and family, how to integrate back into the working world as a new mom. The aim is to provide a toolkit on how to manage these shifts in a way that will empower her for her new role in the family dynamic. While the content of this talk is very much geared towards the mother, we encourage partners to join as well so as to better understand WTF is going on (or will be once the baby has arrived).

This talk is also the launch of a programme by the same name – Oh Baby, WTF! – that Genevieve Putter (founder of the New Normal) and I have been working on. The aim is to introduce this into the existing ante-natal curriculum hosted in Cape Town’s maternity and baby clinics. If you are a healthcare provider working in the maternal health field and are interested to learn more we urge you come contact Genevieve  on gen@genputter.com to receive a discount code when booking a ticket.


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Tue 2nd Apr 2019 09:30 – 11:30

Clarke’s Bar & Dining Room (the venue at the back, Hail Pizza)

Bree Street 133

Cape Town

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