This course is designed for expecting couples. Over five sessions, we will unpack important themes to help you prepare for the birth of a child.



Couples coaching workshop

Designed to prepare your relationship for baby’s arrival.

The five sessions are taught via video and follow up questions guide you through the process of digesting and coming up with practical solutions to manage the following themes:

#3 ROLES 👨‍🍼
#4 MONEY 💰
#5 SEX 🔥

 “These are the conversations every new parenting couple needs to have”

Course outline:

Videos + questions:

  1. Teamwork
  2. Family
  3. Roles
  4. Money
  5. Sex

Plus 2 bonus videos (no questionnaires):

  • Bonus video 1: Parenting Values
  • Bonus video 2: Being With Emotions

Also included:

  • Link to 5 love languages quiz
  • Pdf chapter of Mating in Captivity
  • Being With exercise