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Good morning, Monday people

I have some exciting news for y’all. I am travelling to Berlin in July. What’s even more exciting is that just after I arrive there is an event that I am dying to attend. The Blogcademy is a blogging workshop hosted by three sassy female bloggers (one of whom is Gala Darling, the blogger I posted about recently who inspires Carly’s Couch).

Anyhoo, this event/workshop is all about taking your blog to the next level, which is precisely where I wanna take Carly’s Couch.

The bad news is it costs a shit load of cash $$$$. As a South African converting Rands into US dollars/Euro my money shrinks faster than Alice in Wonderland on mushrooms these days.

But there is good news. They offer scholarships to one lucky person each workshop (which they take all over the world). As an applicant, I just have to write a post on my blog that is wildly creative and really stands out.

After speaking to a friend, it was suggested that I use video. Videos are a great way to spark attention and get people talking. But more importantly, using video inspires interaction!

So here is my request.

I don’t want to be the one to tell The Blogcademy gals why I deserve to get the scholarship. I think the message will come across better if you, my friends and followers, do most of the convincing. Carly’s Couch is ultimately for you anyway.

So, please can you (as a loyal follower) take a very short (10sec-1min long) video clip using your phones or whatever and send it to my email: onthecouchwithcarly@gmail.com

In this clip, please say something about what you’ve read or learnt through Carly’s Couch. It can be about advice I’ve given or anything else. It can also be funny, cheeky, tongue in cheek, whatever.

It would be greatly appreciated!  <3

I will upload the videos onto my new Youtube Channel. There are already quite a few videos up there from friends and followers who sent theirs in over the last few weeks.

Here is a really hilarious example sent in from my friend Alice Lazarus. You can follow her blog here.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1BtaQEmHiD4&w=560&h=315]
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