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What is your biggest relationship regret?

Being a jealous clingy psycho girlfriend


What is the hardest part about being in a relationship for you?

Trying not to get too invested, which never works, so then I get annoyed with myself and then I end up invested anyways and then I am sure that I’m going to get my heart broken and usually its a self fulfilling prophecy


What is your sex spirit animal?

I dunno, but I know its a crazy nutter


Are you comfortable talking about sex around your friends? At which point in the conversation does it become cringey?

Completely comfortable. I think talking about masturbation can be a bit weird at first, but id like to talk about it more.


Do you think there is value in seeing a therapist and why?

EVERYONE should see a therapist. I’ve seen many therapists and I dunno what I would have done without them


Which emotions scare you the most and why?

Jealousy – it turns me into a monster

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