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I am the last person you will find doing DIY things. I once put together a chest of drawers from IKEA and walked around high fiving myself for daaaaaays. No, really. Haha. I am not usually the type of person that makes things or takes pleasure in crafty type activities, especially ones that involve glue and/or paint. This is probably because I generally don’t like a mess. Anyway…what I can tell you about myself is that I am a really good home-maker. I am able to transform a bare space into a homely, comfy living area. I love using simple decorations like scatter cushions, pieces of fabric, candles, wall art, and vases filled with colourful flowers to create the feeling of a feminine heart space. Part of this involves making things prettier. Although I may not be the girliest of girls, I do love a bit of pretty here and there!

Talking about pretty, I have to tell you about the awesome Pom Pom Factory. I don’t usually promote products on this blog but I want to tell you about a special lady, Karen Hsu, and her unique business. If anything, Karen’s story should inspire you to reach for your dreams and to find something to do that will make you happy every day. As an added bonus, you could even make it into a business and get paid for doing what you love!

From Pom Pom Factory’s ABOUT page:

“Pom Pom Factory started in 2010 by Karen Hsu. Based in East London, Karen is known for creating flower installations and products using 100% bio-degradable and recycled tissue paper. Each creation is handmade by Karen and her Pom Pom team in the UK.

Karen was born in Hong Kong and educated in Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design in London, graduating in 2007. She first came up with the idea of Pom Pom Factory when she was working at A142 store in Shoreditch. It was there where she was recognised by bloggers, stylists and photographers who saw her unique window displays. Since then, Karen’s clientele includes French labels Naf Naf and Bonpoint, Selfridges department store in the UK and British ready-to-wear labels such as Pyrus and Nicole Farhi. Apart from window installations, Karen’s work has also been featured in private events and weddings, numerous blogs and print publications.

Karen’s pom poms are all made by Pyrène tissue paper imported from French company, M&M Luxe. M&M Luxe are one of the first producers of innovative paper with an environmentally friendly approach. Its Pyrène tissue paper is a natural product and are made from cellulose.”

But the most important thing about these fabulous pom poms is that anyone, even a DIY-phobe like me, can make them and use them. Here are a few photos from my exciting day of “DIY” with Karen’s Pom Poms.

So to start off, all I had was a set of instructions, the three wrapped pom poms, and some string.



I took each pom pom and spread out each individual sheet of tissue paper so as to open it up into full bloom.









Once that was done, I had my fully bloomed pom poms and some string, which I cut into three different lengths.



And ta-da! My beautiful pom pom decorations up in my new bedroom, smiling down on me and giving me so much joy!



So if this DIY dummy can do it, so can you! Just head on over to the Pom Pom Factory’s website for inspiration, it’s filled with the most awesome pictures of pom poms in all the colours of the rainbow used for decorations and displays.

Thanks Karen, I love my metallic medley and my room instantly feels more homely 🙂


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