Gratitude on a Thursday


So this may be slightly late for Gratitude Wednesday but I feel the need to share it because it warms my heart. It really means a lot to me to hear from my readers. I don’t mind if it’s just a comment or even criticism, because I love engaging with you and get excited every time someone uses the Ask Carly Anything page. I want to hear from you, hear your thoughts and answer your questions. But more than anything, I am so grateful for your messages like this. There is nothing that makes me more motivated to continue this blog than getting positive feedback like this. To be able to actually help someone I’ve never even met, wow it’s thrilling!

Hello Carly,

I cannot even begin to tell you how excited I am to have stumbled across your amazing website. I am a South African currently studying psychology in the United States. Conveniently as I was scrambling to find the write words to put in my Personal Statement for graduate school applications I happened to read your article titled “What does it take to become a psychologist? 10 things you should know before applying.”

Although a majority of the myths and truths are common sense, when you are in the position of applying and are constantly nervous and stressed it is so easy to miss what really counts when trying to convince others of your professional and emotional capabilities.

I just wanted to email you saying thank you so much for the wonderful and inspirational article! It definitely led me in the right direction and if it were not for you, I doubt it would have been as clear or to the point.

So thanks again!


No, thank you! This along with some other lovely things said by people who have been helped by Carly’s Couch can be found on the Praise for Carly page.

Please feel free to submit a testimonial if you have also benefited from any of my previous posts or would like to mention how Carly’s Couch has helped you.

Thank you Thursday!


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