My gratitude list 20.05.2015


I have a lovely long post that’s in the pipeline but haven’t had the time to work on it. In the meantime, here is a quick gratitude list ala Gala Darling

I am grateful for:

Learning new German phrases that make me giggle <3 Home brewed filter coffee <3 My bicycle, Daisy <3 New friendships <3 Festival season in Berlin <3 Friends from South Africa coming to visit <3 Travelling <3 Pandora internet radio <3 The stiffness in my thighs from running <3 Buzzfeed LOLs <3 Puppy and cat videos <3 My girlfriends <3 My ability to overcome difficult emotions <3 My sense of humour <3 My home <3 My neighbours <3 FaceTiming my mom (and Caramella)


And now it’s your turn…

Gratitude Wednesdays - What are you grateful for today?

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