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If you’re living in Cape Town or even South Africa you are all too familiar with the current crisis affecting our country and in particular the Western Cape. Cape Town has even been featured in international news stories as the first major city that may run out of water. It is a frightening reality.

For those of us living here during the crisis this reality is felt differently depending on your pre-crisis living conditions but I have gathered from social media that most people are feeling similar emotions during this time.

Even if you aren’t currently in Cape Town and dealing with the drought, the following video might be useful as the emotions I describe are possibly what we all feel during any kind of crisis.

Crises affect individuals differently but emotions are practically universal. You will identify with some if not all of the experiences described here.

In case I missed any or if you would like to continue the conversation, please drop me a line. I appreciate all your feedback.

One Comment

  • Caitlin says:

    Thank you Carly, it was really interesting to hear your take on things and to verbalize the feelings we are all going through… and to normalise those feelings!