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I haven’t written a blog post in a while because I’ve been vlogging so much. If you haven’t seen my vlogs yet please visit my YouTube channel here.

The latest one is on Depression and it is very useful for anyone who wants to understand the symptoms of depression better. I explain how depression is different from everyday sadness and I give a few suggestions for how to manage depressive symptoms.

Today I’d like to talk about stress.

I have been thinking about how to alleviate stress in my own life and want to share some tips with you.

I think our modern lives are way too stressful, mostly because we are exposed to a lot of information and are under a huge amount of time pressure.

We also live very sedentary lives and do not move our bodies enough, which creates energy blockages and muscle tension. This has a direct effect on our brains, our nervous systems, and our immune systems.

Wondering why you can’t sleep, why you feel tired all the time, or why you get sick a lot? It could be stress!

And we take on way too much. We try and do it all, and do it quickly. Technology has sped us up. We are constantly online and in communication. We are flooded with emails and texts, all of which we are expected to reply to instantly. These are inhumane expectations.

I have three main solutions for you. Move. Breathe. Pause.

In this video I speak about the reasons we’re stressed and give you some solutions for how to manage stress so that it doesn’t affect your health and well-being.