It’s my Birthdaaaaaaay and “Everybody Likes You When You’re 29”

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Happy birthday to me! I have to say, I do love birthdays. Well at least I used to love birthdays. Birthdays can also be a time to reflect on your age (eek) and your achievements and this can easily send one into a spin of self-loathing.

So perhaps tomorrow, when the birthday hungover sets in I will feel differently…but right now it’s time to celebrate!

I have always made the most of my birthdays. As an only child and Leo, I am most certainly one to love being the centre of attention. I love how birthdays are like a whole day to celebrate me! But mostly what I love about birthdays is that all my favourtie people are gathered around, usually in one space, and that makes me happier than anything!

Today is slightly different, however, because I am away from home. But it’s not for the first time. And anyway I am with my bestest friend, Alice, in Amsterdam! It is going to be a great day.

What’s more is that a recent study has proven that everybody loves a 29 year old and that people who are 29 have more friends, on average, than any other age group.

If you don’t believe me, check it out here.

So cheers to me! Cheers to being the best age, 29!

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  • Andy Stone

    There is a Zero missing in the link article abour Friends…the average 29 year old had 800 friends ; not 80. This is gen Facebook

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