My NightMare Therapy Room: Ugliness and Kitschness Warning!

 In All, My Dream Therapy Room

So it has been quite fun pinning all my favourite furniture tips for my fantasy therapy room over the last few weeks.
But for a change, today I thought I would share with you some of the major DONT’S that you need to steer clear away from when decorating or therapy room. For those of you who have never been to a therapist, would you want to speak about your inner most thoughts and feelings in a room like this? I’m sure you wouldn’t!

1. The Hideous Couch/Chair

Every good therapy room needs a good couch. It’s usually where the client sits and it needs to be comfortable and inviting. Basically, it needs to be everything these aren’t! Personally, there is nothing that puts me off quicker than garish colours and busy patterns.


Perhaps these patterns and colours wouldn’t put everyone off. It is definitely still possible to open up psychologically while sitting on an ugly couch. But what if the couch or chair you’re sitting on is horribly uncomfortable? Imagine spending an hour on one of these? Metal, cold, and backless? Small and slanted? Straight-backed office chair? I think not…


But even these uncomfortable and just plain unpractical options are better than the following two, which are as horrendous as they are uncomfortable. JUST DON’T DO IT!


I mean nothing, NOTHING says “Don’t trust me, I’m a psychologist” like a bright orange plastic hand chair or one made out of stuffed panda bears!!!

2. Mismatched Patterned Furniture

So, moving swiftly along… I guess this is a personal preference but for me any mismatched furniture, terrible carpets, shocking drapes or ugly decorations are just going to put me off straight away.

I mean, what does this collection of ugly bookcases really say about you? Either you’re colourblind, you have terrible taste or you just never left the worst part of the 80s. Just one look at these items and I start to think horrible, judgmental thoughts about you.


3. Hideous Curtains

What I would find incredibly distracting, is if the curtains in the room were of a particularly kitsch or garish nature? Curtains or drapes take up quite a bit of space and really set the tone of the room. Now what would you call the tone of these rooms?


Flaming Kitsch? Lilac Cloud Burst? I. Have. No. Words.

4. OTT Lighting

Next on the To Don’t List is another very important element in any therapy room that you just can’t afford to get wrong: The Lighting. I’ve written before about the importance of lighting, how it should be natural and soft. Well this how to not achieve that.

DON’T overdo it on the colours and textures. And don’t have such a huge light-fitting that it takes up all the space and draws unnecessary attention.


In the same vein, you don’t want lighting that is so dark that it looks like a children’s space-themed nightlight. Don’t go for a light that is only one colour either. You don’t want your therapy room looking like a shop window in the Red Light District. But probably the worst lighting fail is using overly bright florescent lights like those you find in supermarkets…ain’t nobody gonna feel comfortable about opening up while under the heat of those spotlights!


So that’s it for the first edition of My Nightmare Therapy you have any thoughts and feelings about these examples? You can check out more of my pins here.

Perhaps you have some ideas for future “My Dream Therapy Room” themes? I would love to hear from you so holla back!

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