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Carly’s Couch is a pretty simple blog. It really has only three functions.

1. I write posts

2. You ask me questions

3. We share our gratitude

I started the Gratitude Wednesdays feature last year and have since shared my gratitude stories regularly but I haven’t heard from you as much as I would have liked.

It really is quite simple.

Go to the Share Your Gratitude Stories page. Type out a message and press send. You can stay anonymous or you can add your name.

And then I will contact you to ask if I can share it on the page.

Last week my home town, Cape Town, experienced some of the worst veld fires in history. Homes had to be evacuated, animals rescued and unfortunately some even lost their lives and their property.

It is tough to feel grateful when things around you are falling apart but it is during tough times when gratitude is sometimes one’s only option.

Thank you, Antionette, for sharing your gratitude #onthecouchwithcarly and I hope everyone is Cape Town is filled with gratitude this week knowing that their beautiful home will blossom and bloom with life again. Soon the winter rains will come and that grey landscape will sprout with colour and vitality once more.


So, like Antionette, see your Gratitude Stories published here.

Go on, share your stories #onthecouchwithcarly

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    Thomas Fiehn

    A pretty interesting piece on Gratitude – and Motivation. Published by The School of Life:

  • Carly

    Awesome will check it out! Thanks Thomas 🙂 Hope you’re well.

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    Thomas Fiehn

    Thanks Carly, I’m so happy in my new home and enjoy every single day. If you want to come to Hamburg again, just let me know – I have a brand-new couch for you to crash on 😉 Here’s one of my favourite quotes of the article I posted: “Anxiety is often at the root cause of a lack of gratitude.”

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