What are you watching/reading/learning right now?

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I don’t know about you, but I crave intellectual stimulation. The last time I remember not feeling this way was when I was at university and that was because I was getting my fill every day.

When you’re not forced to read as an academic requirement, it becomes your prerogative to seek out material to stimulate your brain. This is both exciting and daunting.

The biggest hurdle I have had to overcome is knowing where to begin. I have to say I am still fond of a good old fashioned book. Right now I’m reading Solms and Turnball’s “The Brain and the Inner World: An Introduction to the Neuroscience of Subjective Experience” which is the prescribed text for Neuropsychology Honours at the Unviersity of Cape Town.

I am a huge fan of Mark Solms, who is the head of the psychology department at UCT, and I absolutely love his lectures but this is the first time I reading his book. It’s great and I highly recommend it as an introduction to neuropsychology.

Solms is unique in his approach to neuro in that he includes psychoanalytic theory including Freudian theory, of which he is one of the most highly regarded scholars in the world.

In addition to reading this, I have been in conversation with friends about these 36 questions that will lead to love, and am intrigued to know how different people approach intimacy etc. Perhaps I will write a longer piece on that some time as well?

Another friend who is interested in linguistics and psychology, shared this lecture by the cognitive scientist George Lakoff, who talks about “embodied cognition” in terms of metaphors in language. What do you think?

My greatest enjoyment comes from reading about or learning about scientific information that is relayed in such a way that the anyone can understand it.

So what are you reading/watching/learning about? Please share here #onthecouchwithcarly

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    Each day I spend ca. an hour for improving french, for a few months this year too learning something about tools for dealing with huge data quantities (e.g. SQL), then I spend since ages every day ca. 2 hours with thinking and reading something new in mathematics , finally I read each day in interesting books (like the past days some great 19th century reports on africa, a random sample: https://www.goodreads.com/review/list/21542569?shelf=%23ALL%23 ). Each year I look for a new sort of sport, but not in this year so far. Constance doeas basically the same, independent and with different contents.

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