70s Inspired Therapy Room

 In All, My Dream Therapy Room

While I sit glued to the Oscar Pistorius trial, I am still cognizant of the fact that it is Friday and therefore I am going to share with you some more of my pins for My Dream Therapy Room.

Today’s board is titled “70s Inspired” because I am for some reason particularly attracted to the clean lines and muted tones of 70s inspired furniture at the moment. Perhaps it is the season. It’s autumn here and so the world around me is covered in burnt orange fallen leaves and mossy green trees. Or maybe I just feel like a change from last week’s Plush interiors.

Either way, I think that a lot of modern furnishings are inspired by 70s design. It is very trendy to have angular couches, globe-like light fittings, and geometrical patterns.

What do you think of such a stylized therapy room? Would you like to attend therapy here?

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