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I’ve been running Gratitude Wednesday for quite some time now. I’ve shared my gratitude each week, I’ve written posts about privilege and about my dog and about all that i’m grateful for but I am still waiting to hear from you!

To shake things up, I have decided to take my inspiration (as I so often do) from Gala Darling. She is my blogging role model and I love pretty much everything she does. She also sat with me one-on-one and gave me a lot of invaluable guidance while I was at The Blogcademy in Berlin, so she is my real-life hero too 😉

So…a while back she wrote this post for her weekly gratitude blog, which she calls “Things I love Thursday”, and she started it by talking about how her husband and her often play The Gratitude Game while they’re walking their dogs in the morning. This is her description:

“It’s simple: all you have to do is name 5 things you’re thankful for in this very moment. It can be surprising how quickly it gets deep and meaningful, and it’s also an incredible way to start the day. It’s important to count your blessings, especially when it appears like the world is going to hell in a hand-basket all around you.”

So today, for Gratitude Wednesday we’re going to play The Gratitude Game. I’ll start and then you go next. You can share your gratitude using the Share your Gratitude Stories Page or simply as a comment to this post. It’s up to you, what have you got to lose?!

Here goes…

1. I am grateful that I am still happy in Berlin and that I haven’t run out of money, inspiration or hope for the future yet…

2. I am grateful for the wonderful human beings that I have in my life. I know right now that I can count on at least four significant people (some of whom I only met since coming to Berlin) who will reply to my text messages with love and with the kind of comforting words that one just needs to hear every now and then.

3. I am grateful for the food in my belly. I just made myself the most delicious tofu and coconut cream curry, which are two of my favourite ingredients to cook with at the moment.

4. I am grateful for technology because I can now whatsapp my mom all the way in South Africa. And yesterday we skyped and I got to see my darling Caramella.

5. I am grateful for this indian summer we’re having in Berlin. It’s been quite warm and sunny these last few days and I have been making the most of it, going out cycling and enjoying being outside as much as possible.


So…that really wasn’t that hard. I literally just came up with these things right now. I bet you can do the same…go on!

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