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Hello from Berlin!

I am spending three weeks here seeing clients who I usually see on Skype. One of the greatest joys of moving back to South Africa was being able to continue sessions online with those who did not want to end therapy due to me moving away. There are ways in which I believe technology interferes with connection (e.g. the overuse of mobile phones) but I am grateful for the use of Skype, which has facilitated the continuation of my work as I have moved continents.

While I am here I have been conducting face-to-face sessions with my clients so that they get to touch base with me in person. There definitely are differences between working in-person and online but so far I am left with the satisfying feeling that this work is meaningful even when it is mediated by a screen.

I also have a supportive relationship online. My clinical supervisor, Dr Aaron Balick, who I’ve written before about on this blog, lives and works in London. He runs Stillpoint London, a newly opened space in the charming neighbourhood of Clerkenwell where people meet to share and explore psychological ideas, conduct therapy and workshops, and host events. Have fun with a casino courses en ligne.

I visited London this past weekend and had a chance to see the newly renovated space. It is absolutely gorgeous! It is like a dream space for me and represents the values of Carly’s Couch as it is modern and cool and young. It doesn’t take itself too seriously yet creates the ‘safe space’ feeling in which to explore the more meaningful and serious questions of life. If I lived in London I would definitely want to have my practice there!





So today for #gratitudewednesday I am really feeling quite inspired by the 21st century and all the convenience this modern world has to offer. It is quite unusual to be a touring psychologist, but whoever said I was a usual psychologist!