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Theres more space on the couch

Carly’s Couch is a clinical psychology practice based in Cape Town, South Africa.

It was founded by me, Carly Abramovitz, as A Safe Space to Talk.  The office space is now welcome to be used for any therapy/psychology work. The room availability is flexible and can be booked according to necessity. Be aware of a joka casino en ligne.

Carly’s Couch (website, facebook and instagram pages) serves as a marketing platform to access new clients and offer online therapy services. New clients seeking therapy are referred to psychologists on the Carly’s Couch registry.

What does joining Carly’s Couch entail?

There are two ways to join Carly’s Couch.

  • Rent the couch. Use the space and facilities for counseling or psychotherapy.
  • Join the team. Accept referrals that come via Carly’s Couch takes a small commision fee.

Resources offered to Carly’s Couch members:

  • Team members will be featured on the website/social media and receive a personalized email address.
  • One hour of peer supervision per month where we can discuss your cases and talk through any problems with clients and/or any other business.
  • Members are welcome to practice from anywhere and still be affiliated to Carly’s Couch.

Please get in touch to chat about what would best work for you.

I, like you, want to create a supportive space for my clients so it’s fundamental that the therapists on Carly’s Couch feel supported too. The couch is cozy and ready for you...

Always here to talk,

Carly Abramovitz


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