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Here at Carly’s Couch we are very open and interested in other healing modalities. We also believe that some physical discomfort and ailments have psychological roots.

It has therefore been a pleasure to welcome our resident Sophrologist, Loreleï Grimaldi, to work alongside us here at Carly’s Couch HQ.

Originally from France, Loreleï is a newcomer to Cape Town. Although most of us in this part of the world have probably never heard of Sophrology, it has been around for a while in Europe and getting some serious attention such as this article seen in The Guardian.

If you are wondering what Sophrology is and whether you could benefit from it, let me share with you what Loreleï says about it:

My role as a certified sophrology therapist is to tailor a specific drug-free programme for a client’s issue. It will be based on breathing and relaxation exercises as well as simple movement, in the form of a guided meditation, where the client is in a state of deep relaxation but fully alert. In a state of awareness, the client can learn to connect to his/her inner resources and access a state of true well-being.

The discipline that was originally created to help dealing with physical pain happens to have a wide range of applications. Therefore I am able to treat everyday life anxiety, phobias, sleep disorder, eating disorders, addictions, anxiety, and relationship difficulties. I can help improve performances in competitive sport, business, team management, or help improve memory and focus during exam preparation. I can also help prepare for a specific future event such as childbirth.

My aim is to bring mind and body into harmony.

During one-to-one sessions we work on specific issues, whether physical or emotional in a therapeutic context. As these sessions are bespoke, I will help you to define your needs and work with you to tailor the techniques to suit you. A safe space is provided where you will be guided to work at your own pace and to learn the method that you will then be able to use on your own. These exercises are made to reinforce and strengthen your mind, your body and your spirit, improving both physical and mental health. After practicing sophrology, people usually experience: improved performance, improved concentration, fewer worries, increased self-confidence, more restful sleep and a feeling of inner happiness. They put an end to an unrealistic or negative vision of life, see things as they are (as much as possible) and reinforce the positive in themselves.

With great reviews from those who have tried it, Sophrology is expanding boudaries in stress management.

New to South Africa it is already a mainstream highly effective well-being technique, widely used all over Europe, particularly Switzerland, France, UK and Spain.

Sounds pretty amazing, right!

If you would like more information about Sophrology and Loreleï’s work you can head on over to her website here.


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